Why Food Tech?

There are fantastic food tech solutions however food waste is still high and many people struggle to eat


How To Fix These?

By using real time data and analytics we are building a better model.


Recipe Generator

An application for your smartphone or tablet which as you’ll soon discover, is the only cookbook you will ever need.

Rich Thomas offers tools and solutions for healthy, customized meals while saving money and reducing food waste!

Save Time, Save Money, Simplify

United States Food Waste Facts


of food in the US is wasted.


worth of food is thrown away by households annually


of household waste is due to food spoilage.

$165 Bil

of food is thrown out by Americans each year

$750 Mil

annually is spent on the disposal of wasted food

4 Bil

tons of global food waste each year

How Rich Thomas Can Help…

Save Time, Save Money, Simplify

With These Apps From Rich Thomas & Sponsors!

  • Recipe Generator

    Recipe Generator is your personal digital cook book with access to thousands of delicious recipes at your fingertips.

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